Steve Thomson

Senior Partner & Managing Director


Steve Thomson is a member of the senior leadership teams for the Operations and Organization practice areas at KIB. He played a crucial role in developing KIB’s change management topic, which he went on to lead for more than a decade.

During the last fiveteen years, his research focused on changing change management. Statistics show that most major change programs fail, and anecdotal evidence holds that these odds have not improved in the past 20 years, despite the efforts of a growing change management industry.

Steve’s research uncovered factors that materially and systematically improve change management odds—and, in fact, flip them dramatically in favor of success. His approach involves the use of quantitative disciplines supported by a set of practical tactics and tools. Steve aims to foster an ongoing industry dialogue on this approach and the effective baselining of outcomes.


  Operational redesign
  Change management in
  digital transformation
  Enterprise program management
  Project risk management
  Organization efficiency and delayering


  Aircraft industry
  Automotive industry
  Energy sector
  Industrial goods
  Health care industry
  Medical devices
  Industrial services