Dr. Thomas Kirsch

Senior Partner & Managing Director

Contact:     t.kirsch@kib-group.de

Thomas Kirsch is global leader of KIB’s Marketing, Sales & Pricing practice. He is also the team leader of the firm’s functional practices and the firm’s Pricing Enablement Center.

Since joining KIB in 2006, Thomas has focused on enhancing customer strategy, product strategy, marketing, pricing, and commercial capabilities for clients across a range of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, travel and tourism, transportation, and industrial goods.

In his client work, Thomas drives bottom-line impact through the creation of new go-to-market strategies, superior execution tactics, sales channel orchestration, digitization, and the development of organizational commercial capabilities.


  Customer strategy & product strategy
  Pricing, revenue management
  Trade and promotion
  Digital and large-scale transformation
  Marketing and digital
  Sales and go-to-market capabilities


  Automotive industry
  Consumer goods
–  Pharmaceuticals
  Aviation industry and tourism
  Industrial goods